Frontlit PVC Banner

The Frontlit flex banner special surface coating optimizes ink absorption and color reproduction for stand long-lasting performs. Under special treatment, our products perform good capability of anti-UV and fire-retardancy.

Item Code Description Image Roll Size
MDA003A Frontlit PVC Banner Black Back Matte
Surface 510gsm 1000*1000D
1.37m × 50m
MDA003K 1.4m x 50m
MDA003H 1.52m × 50m
MDA003E 1.6m x 50m
MDA003L 2.20m x 50m
MDA003I 2.50m × 50m
MDA003J 3.20m x 50m
MDA015 PET with PVC surface Grey Back 0.9x50m

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